Past exhibition

Tabita Rezaire | Anvar Musrepov & Nazira Karimova: REAL DEAL


Aspan Gallery is pleased to present a dialogue exhibition between Kazakstani artists Anvar Musrepov and Nazira Karimova and an artist from French Guiana Tabita Rezaire, titled REAL DEAL.

REAL DEAL exhibition will unite duo of Kazakhstani artists Anvar Musrepov and Nazira Karimova with famous artist from French Guiana Tabita Rezaire. Tabita's work will be shown for the first time in Central Asia. Despite obvious geographical and cultural differences, Musrepov and Karimova and Rezaire are searching for the same themes in their works. All three of them are born in the times of Internet, when geographical boundaries are no longer significant enough and definition of cultural periphery is almost erased. They are looking for topics on spirituality and identity in the times of digital technologies and development of artificial intelligence.

It would seem that the eternal questions that art has been asking for centuries - Who are we? Where are we from? And where are we going? - acquire a new marking at the dawn of a new era, when the body acts as an outer shell and as a new way of interacting with the world, when it loses its significant value.

Exhibition wil include programme works of Rezaire, such as Hoetep Blessings and Peaceful Warrior, that made her famous. She is going to do a performance during an exhibition, where a 21st century healing offering to the public will take place. Nazira Karimova and Anvar Musrepov will show new Webcam Painting series, as well as video action.

This upcoming exhibition with participation of Tabita Rezaire, Anvar Musrepov and Nazira Karimova would be the third dialogue exhibition between Central Asian artist and foreign non-western artist. Previous exhibitions included the works of Kazakhstani Said Atabekov and artist from Mali Abdolaye Konate, Kazakstani Yerbossyn Meldibekov and Slovenian artist Vadim Fishkin.  

REAL DEAL exhibition will take place at EXPO, Villa Boutiques & Restaurants complex (Al-Farabi 140A) from 29 May till 28 July, 2019.