Upcoming exhibition

Dedication to L.B.: Works by Lidiya Blinova and Rustam Khalfin

Aspan Gallery is pleased to present a first solo exhibition dedicated to Lidiya Blinova (1948-1996), curated by Yelena and Viktor Vorobyev. Blinova was an artist, a poet, an architect, theatre designer, jewellery designer and graphic artist, who despite her short life left a huge influence on a whole generation of contemporary Central Asian artists. Specially for the exhibition, the gallery will re-enact Blinova's programmatic installations and will show are archival documents and drawings by Blinova, most of which have not ben shown in public before. Alongside Blinova's work, the exhibition will also include works dedicated to Lidiya Blinova by her husband and partner Rustam Khalfin. The show will be accompanied by a publication of three new books on Blinova and Khalfin. 

Dates: 30 October - 1 December, 2019