"To See, To Read, To Tell"

Babi Badalov

May, 2023 — September, 2023

"To See, To Read, To Tell"

"To See, To Read, To Tell" is the first solo show in Kazakhstan of the renowned artist - Babi Badalov. The exhibition will feature a monumental site-specific installation that fills the entire space of the gallery, assembled from the artist's works created over the past two years. The exhibition continues the gallery's mission to provide a platform for cultural dialogue and provide a voice for those whom society often chooses not to hear.

Babi Badalov is a prominent artist from Azerbaijan who lives and works in Paris. Badalov's work is characterized by a deep explorations of the problems of language and identity - acutely relevant topics for the Central Asian region. Through his spontaneously hand-painted textile works and compelling visual storytelling, Badalov makes powerful statements about personal experiences and social inequality in a world that the artist often had to face as an expat and political refugee. The title of the exhibition, To See, to Read, to Tell includes a monumental mural on the wall, created especially for the exhibition and dedicated to the persecution of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, China. This work addresses the themes of violence, the erasure of historical memory, the culture of silence, as well as the fate of marginalized people and communities.

Exhibition dates: 23 May – 17 September 2023


Tuesday 23 May | 6 pm – 8 pm - Opening reception

Tuesday 25 May | 6 pm – Artist Talk

Saturday 27 May | 2 pm - T-shirts painting

Opening hours:

Tue-Sat: 11 am - 7 pm

Sun: 12 pm - 6 pm

Address: Villa Boutiques & Restaurants, 140A/3 Al Farabi, lower ground floor, Almaty. Free entrance.

{"og:title":"\"To See, To Read, To Tell\" : Babi Badalov — Aspan Gallery","og:type":"website","og:description":"\"To See, To Read, To Tell\" is the first solo show in Kazakhstan of the renowned artist - Babi Badalov.","og:url":"https://aspangallery.com/en/exhibitions/To+See%2C+To+Read%2C+To+Tell","og:image":"/images/covers/exhibition/74/wide_prtrts-035.jpg","og:image:width":1200,"og:image:height":600}