Anvar Musrepov

Anvar Musrepov

Born in 1994 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He lives and works in Almaty.

Anvar Musrepov works with video, digital art, photography, installation and performance. Born in the age of the Internet, he is interested in finding links between local identity and global context, the space of the Internet and the network culture, which determine today’s reality. While exploring identity after the Internet, he is examines the extent to which we are shaped by the local context into which we are born. In his works he compares ideas of nomadism to the current culture of internet surfing. He plays with Orientalism and reproduces an external, often exaggerated, projection of himself, but does so at the intersection of internet culture, consumerism and national traditions.

Anvar Musrepov graduated from Rodchenko School in Moscow and is currently studying at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Apart from his artistic practice he is a curator and a publisher of an online magazine about contemporary art in Central Asia Horsemilk.

Notable recent exhibitions include Eurasian Utopia: Post Scriptum at the Suwon I’Park Museum of Art in Suwon (2018), At the Corner: City, Place, People at the Tselinny Center for Contemporary Culture in Almaty (2018), Somewhere in the Great Steppe at the Erarta Museum in St Petersburg (2017) and Internal Memory - Not Enough Space? video program at the Garage Museum in Moscow (2017).

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